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Own luxury properties in spectacular locations for just a fraction of the price

As an ultra-modern lifestyle investment, fractional ownership is taking the world by storm – a bricks-and-mortar investment in a stunning second home that can be passed on to family or share ownership in a luxury powerboat when holidaying in Thailand.

Exactly what is fractional ownership in Thailand and how can it benefit you? Absolute Fractionals is a highly-sought-after and award-winning product that is shaping tomorrow’s ownership markets. Fractional owners share not only the purchase cost, but also the annual management charges, with all the benefits of a sole owner and more. They share ownership with like-minded people, receive a share in the owning company and benefit from the capital appreciation. Owners can rent out usage periods in whole or in part, generating a rental return.

Absolute Fractional second home ownership provides stunning, high-end, fully-furnished boutique accommodation with exclusive benefits like the use of local captained speedboats and the best golf equipment, spa access and luxury airport transfers. Owners also get privileged membership to the world’s largest super-luxury exchange programmes, a global network of over 150 high-end resorts that further widens our world of exclusivity and choice.

‘Owning’ your own luxury 3-cabin Elan 42 powerboat to cruise the stunning seascapes surrounding Phuket will certainly enhance your dream holiday home experience, and is sure to impress friends, family and associates without breaking the bank. What’s more, you won’t have to concern yourself with the time and expense of maintaining your own boat.

Your Fractional Ownership purchase means you share the costs not only of buying a high-end powerboat, but also the fees for mooring, maintenance, crew and insurance. What’s more, you only pay for what you expect to use – so you can choose to live like the rich and famous and enjoy just a few days and nights on your private boat each year at an economical price. For more information on fractional ownership in Thailand, please visit the website below.