‘Owning’ your own luxury 3-cabin Elan 42 powerboat to cruise the stunning seascapes surrounding Phuket will certainly enhance your dream holiday home experience, and is sure to impress friends, family and associates without breaking the bank. What’s more, you won’t have to concern yourself with the time and expense of maintaining your own boat.

Your fractional boat ownership purchase means you share the costs not only of buying a high-end powerboat, but also the fees for mooring, maintenance, crew and insurance. What’s more, you only pay for what you expect to use – so you can choose to live like the rich and famous and enjoy just a few days and nights on your private boat each year at an economical price.

As is the case with Absolute Fractional Ownership properties, each investor owns a percentage of the powerboat and is registered in the Certificate of Ownership as a shareholder in the asset. And as Absolute builds the fractional yacht ownership programme, we will add further luxury powerboats to our collection, giving our members more choice and the possibility to upgrade to an even more super yacht!

Fractional Powerboat Ownership from US$ 25,800


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